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      Top Story

      Tariffs play a role in both imports and exports, so a supply chain software platform that can manage various types of flows is important, especially when it comes to sustainability initiatives.


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      Supply Chain Control Tower & Visibility
      This Supply Chain Control Tower and Visibility solution guide provides a deeper look into the platform's capabilities and benefits, as well as a practical overview…
      Multi-Party Orchestration Platform
      MPO + Metafora Announce Partnership to Make Supply Chain Visibility Easier
      MPO has selected Socket by Metafora to accelerate integrations, MPO has also named Metafora the preferred North American implementation partner of MPO…
      5 Critical Trends for Supply Chain Control Towers in 2022
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      24|7 Company Profiles

      Top Education Story
      In these Covid-ravaged times, the last thing companies need is more bad news, but like it or not, the storm clouds of a global economic recession are gathering on the horizon.
      The Covid Vaccine Story Inspires Hope in a Pandemic-Wracked World
      Relief for Supply Chains Hit By Truck Driver Shortages?

      Featured Institutions
      California State University Northridge

      The Tseng College at California State University, Northridge creates and delivers innovative programs that provide access…

      in Transportation

      Supply Chain and Logistics Challenges You Can Expect In 2022
      Supply chain, logistics, and procurement practitioners have managed to overcome adversity in various forms over this pandemic-related time, but…

      What Does It Take To Make A Warehouse “Food-Grade?”
      Proper storage for food items requires strict compliance with various federal, state, and local regulations to ensure that the food remains safe…

      MPO + Metafora Announce Partnership to Make Supply Chain Visibility Easier
      MPO has selected Socket by Metafora to accelerate integrations, MPO has also named Metafora the preferred North American implementation partner…

      in Warehouse/DC

      Can Industrial Real Estate Handle The Safety Stock Boom?
      By keeping goods on the move or in the sales cycle instead of stored in warehouses, retailers and manufacturers alike could significantly reduce…

      Warehouse Hoarding: Is Industrial Real Estate The New Toilet Paper?
      As projections for industrial shortages move further out, many supply chain stakeholders have elected to lease more warehouse space than they…

      Covid-19 Industrial Real Estate Industry Update
      Few business sectors have experienced growth and success over the last two years, but industrial real estate has stood apart since the onset…

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      in Supply Chain

      How Will Tariffs Affect Supply Chain Sustainability Efforts for Global Manufacturers?
      Tariffs play a role in both imports and exports, so a supply chain software platform that can manage various types of flows is important, especially…

      E2open Acquires Global Multi-Carrier Ecommerce Shipping Software Platform Logistyx Technologies
      The $185 Million acquisition combines complementary cloud-based solutions and global multi-carrier ecommerce capabilities to E2open’s network…

      What Does The Labor Shortage Mean For Your Supply Chain?
      While the pandemic gets the brunt of the blame for ongoing supply chain disruptions, the logistics, and transportation labor shortage makes it…

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      in Tech & Business

      Will “Just Transition” Reshape Supply Chain Sustainability Goals?
      A concept called “just transition” is cropping up in sustainability circles, and if it gains ground, it could become part of corporate pledges…

      How Robotic Parcel Sortation Can Reduce Shipping Costs
      Retailers, 3PLs, and eCommerce companies can leverage Intelligent Enterprise Robotic solutions to take advantage of zone skipping to reduce shipping…

      Time to Plan for the 12-Month Peak Season
      This podcast will discuss where shippers have opportunities to evolve and build agile, responsive shipping and fulfillment operations that perform…


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